Nestled snugly in the jungles of Brazil, this luxury resort turned Loyalist sanctuary is the première escape from the war-torn divided states of America. Housing only the most elegant in cuisine, recreation and relaxation, the worries of the outside world will just disintegrate. a contributing loyalist, Eden isn't a community, it's an aristocracy.


    SERGEANT FINCH (Lisa Goodman)

    A veteran of the armed forces, Sgt. Finch has been explicitly chosen to protect Eden from the dangers of the outside world. there is no greater example of her battlefield acumen than the fateful decision she made at Kansas City to secure a seemingly impossible victory for the founding party.



    Steadfast. Efficient. Handsome. From peak physicality to tactical prowess, Declan Greenglass embodies the caliber of soldier worthy of safeguarding our cherished loyalists.


    MAVEN STEINBOCK (Bryan Bernart)

    Rodney Steinbock is your newly arrived army technician (military designate: MAVEN), here to streamline both your safeguards and your secrets. We assure you that the grievances concerning his sobriety have been addressed. 



    MRS. CRISP (Ginger Greenspun)

    Benefactress and seasoned socialite, Monica Crisp is world-renowned for her work in charity and a life spent in the ivory towers of the Manhattan sector. The Crisps were not only among the first to enroll in the loyalist mandate, they were also one of the three families responsible for bringing it to fruition.


    JAKA (Courtney Blackmon)

    Mrs. Crisp’s designer breed Pomeranian is the sole canine Loyalist at Eden. A cosmetic surgical procedure has gifted Jaka with the gift of speech. And like all true citizens, she is fluent in only words of the American-English language.


    PAULY CICERO (Alex Denney)

    Abbondanza! Reformed career mafioso Pauly “The Matador” Cicero has given up the mean streets for the road to redemption. After a full pardon from President Trumbull, Loyalist Cicero has graciously donated all his ill-begotten gains to help thwart the partisan movement plaguing the divided states.


    ANGELINA PORTELLA (Christina Holleran)

    The constant companion of Pauly Cicero, this gabby gun moll is quick with a joke and will light up your smoke, but there’s someplace that she’d rather be.


    TRAVIS TREADWAY (David Ballam)

    Southern rock sensation Travis Treadway is infamous for his hell-raising country anthems, patriotic anti-partisan rants on comglomcast and his infatuation with the second amendment. 


    ALICE (Kirsten Day)

    Our youngest and sweetest resident at Eden, Alice is a pleasant reminder of what President Trumbull’s reclamation has in store for us. Eden's Western Wing is off limits, so please give this delicate budding flower room to bloom.


    CASEY & CARLEY BRYSON (Joylissa Vleck & Giselle Fischman)

    Models. Actresses. Popstars. Identically beautiful twin sisters Casey and Carley Bryson first tugged at our heartstrings as child stars with their shared portrayal of precocious Emily Peppercorn on the Founder Family series “Crowded Condo”. Reclusive and meditative by nature, please respect their privacy.



    Thrill-seeking trillionaire industrialist Richard Crisp is a treasured member of our loyalist high society. But he is also missing, if you have any details about his current whereabouts please contact the front desk safeline **immediately**.

  • The Eden Luxury Resort & Casino Staff

    ROSEMARY (Sierra O’Neil)

    The Eden resort’s concierge, Rosemary is utterly devoted to your every whim and whisper. She exists solely to ensure that your exclusive life of leisure remains interrupted.


    ARTHUR THE BELLHOP (John Corrigan)

    The last remaining staff member of the Eden resort before its foreclosure in 2045, Arthur lays it on just as the loyalists prefer it: thick and rich.

  • Interactive internal Artificial intelligence safeware

    EVE (Francessca Reggio)

    The Eden Resort’s A.I., EVE is just a diagnostic away from safe-streaming your every desire! (Please pardon any peculiar or unsavory dialogue from Eve while we update her safeware)


    TURING (Alex Denney)

    The Founding Party’s military safeware program “Turing” was perfected to sharpen the mental acumen of our armed forces. A fixture across the east coast sectors, Turing has been installed off-resort in the security barracks.

  • the founding party

    [NAME REDACTED] (Justin Dray)

    The Loyalist mandate’s mysterious mastermind enjoys politics, plotting and punctuality. Please be polite and do not bring attention to his speech impediment.


    PRESIDENT TRUMBULL (Niko Papastefanou)

    Protector of the east coast sectors, commander in chief of the founding party, President Trumbull has vowed to reclaim the nation by returning prosperity & morality to America. Your loyalty will be rewarded.


    SYDNEY PISTON (Danielle Spring)

    Comglomcast’s omniscient  and omnipresent host, correspondent and contributor, no other news anchor hits the holo-projectors with the truth like Sydney Piston.

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